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Custom Oversized Challenge Coins

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Custom Oversized Challenge Coins

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When an oversized achievement needs to be commemorated, only an oversized challenge coin will do. It’s fine to create a standard 1.75” coin to celebrate graduating from boot camp, but becoming an officer, or overcoming an otherwise exceptional obstacle, is the sort of thing that can best be honored with a challenge coin that symbolizes the size of the accomplishment. As the best challenge coin maker in the industry, YC GIFT  is uniquely positioned to create the best-oversized challenge coins you’ve ever seen.


Go Big or Go Home With Oversized Challenge Coins

While simply making the coin larger sounds like a great idea, the truth is that creating custom coins will always come with its fair share of concerns. Moving away from the standard challenge coin size is doable, and quite rewarding, but making sure you’ve partnered with a company that knows the ins and outs of coin design is the best way to ensure you get a final product you’ll be happy with. Knowing the rules is the only way to be sure you know how to expertly break them.

Custom minting large coins is not something every coin design company is capable of achieving. When partnering with a new company, you’re forced to ask how big is too big for a challenge coin? Luckily, with Signature Coins, the only limits to your challenge coin design are those of your imagination and your budget.

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