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Medal customization of the significance of the existence of marathon MEDALS!

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Medal customization of the significance of the existence of marathon MEDALS!

Custom logo Medal supplier shares that with the increasingly prosperous sports market, all kinds of games dazzling, overwhelmed. Whether it's a marathon, a cross-country race, a triathlon, or even a 10k fitness run. People pay attention to the race time, location, route, registration fee, organizers at the same time, there is an important element has become one of the hot topics running friends... That's the finish medal.

For runners, these marathon MEDALS, symbolizing struggle, success and honor, may be no different from scrap metal in the eyes of non-runners. To put it mildly, they are slightly better looking, with a little sense of design and exquisite workmanship. Arts and crafts. If they're not preserved properly, they'll rust and fade for years, and they might actually become... Food tasteless waste of a pity...

And now, this seemingly useless "scrap iron" is also becoming more and more beautiful in design, material selection and production process. At the same time, runners' emphasis on MEDALS has slowly made them an important way for race organizers to attract entries.

In the minds of many runners, there is a noble marathon spirit behind the finishing medal. But runs the friend to the marathon three words, still full of persistence, does not allow the money to stain the competition easily. Quantifying it at any price is sacrilege. Even in front of the "goods" running friends show off, if really did not run, your heart also understand that in fact, this is meaningless, for you, for anyone does not represent what. I don't understand the point of those people buying MEDALS, and I don't understand the psychology of those who sell MEDALS about running.

What does a medal mean?

A medal is a symbol

MEDALS to the runner, is a symbol of the completion of the race, is the embodiment of the goal, to win a medal, is to complete the race. Running friends joked: in order to get a medal, kneeling also want to run. No matter what you have experienced, the moment you got the medal, you have survived the most difficult and painful moment in the competition. You overcome yourself, also overcome the 42.195 course, the road is bitter is sweet, all condensed in this small medal, how can not be moved.

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A medal is honor

They regard finishing the marathon as a challenge in their life, and the pride and satisfaction after finishing this challenge are all turned into this medal hanging on their chest, eager to show the result of finishing the race and hope others can see their honor. Hanging a medal around your neck, posing with it and kissing it have become the most direct ways to express this emotion.

A medal is the ritual feeling of witnessing sweat

You are ordinary and mediocre, and no one wants to see you. Maybe you won't do anything amazing in your life. However, when you stand in the road on the race, the rush through the crowd, the shuttle street, or familiar or strange. An instant into the long road of life in miniature. You're sweating, you're gasping for breath, you're getting leg cramps, side stitches, muscle stiffness... But it is the persistence of running forward step by step that makes your footsteps more and more firm. At this moment, you find that no matter how far away the goal is, it is not unreachable. You can! You can do it on your own!

This moment in the hands of the medal, after 42.195 km baptism, for you is not so ordinary. You'll see it's a little different, and it's like a metaphor for something. And these are called ritual sensations. From this moment, you have the image of marathon spirit in your life. When you look at the hands of heavy MEDALS, cumulative, full of hanging on the wall, the moment full of happiness and emotion, is your life beat out the most gorgeous bright proof.

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