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Badges are wearable signs or coats of arms to indicate the identity, status,organization,or honor of the wearer.Generally,there are patterns,explanatory words or phrase on the badge to express meaning.

Usually,every policeman must wear a police badge to indicate the identity and position of the policeman.Teachers and students also need to wear a badge with the school logo.At the award ceremony,the badge represents the honor received.

There are badges material in metal,embroidery,pvc and woven and so on.It can be attached to clothes with butterfly buckles,magnets,and safety pins,also can be sewn on clothes or glued on clothes with velcro.

Metal badges are widely used.The use of metal materials can meet requirements of different processes and produce badges with different textures.Commonly used metal materials are stainless steel,iron,zinc alloys and copper.Simple designs can be completed by iron stamping,and designs with gradient colors can be printed with stainless steel,which are relatively low-cost process.For those design which details are prominent and logo is complex,and a good 3D effect is required,you can choose zinc alloy die-casting,which can show the relief effect you need to your design.For iron stamping and zinc alloy die-casting products, you can choose soft enamel and enamel processes, and plating different colors.Soft enamel process products have a bumpy feel, and the recesses are filled with colors, which can meet the requirements of 3D effects. Enamel is to polish the surface after filling the color, and then plating the color you need, the effect is smooth and high-end.

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