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Precautions when assembling leather products and metal badges

June 20, 2019

Precautions when assembling leather goods and metal badges shared by custom Military Pin Badge supplier.

If there are leather products and metal badge product assembly design, please pay attention to:

1) genuine leather is assembled with metal products. Real leather will vomit acid and corrode metal, leading to metal discoloration. Therefore, it is generally recommended that metal products should be protected by spraying gold oil.

2) PU leather (synthetic leather) is assembled with metal products, and the metal will not be corroded by leather decorations. However, if the oil edge is not dry, the metal products are directly assembled with leather decorations. Under the circumstance of airtight, the leather decorations form fog, which will lead to metal discoloring.

Leather contains acid in the process of making, so when combined with metal products, there is no sealing oil (also known as gold oil), which will produce acid and destroy the surface of metal plating and oxidize.

Synthetic skin is a fake skin, but put the fake skin and products in hot water, the same will oxidize the metal products, but there is no bubble water will not be, sealing oil to protect the safety. The attached file photo is a comparison photo of metal badge products and leather decorations before and after water immersion for your understanding.

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