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How is the writing on the surface of the medal made?

September 07, 2019

How is the writing on the surface of the medal made?

The types of medal production generally have: wooden MEDALS, crystal MEDALS, resin MEDALS, alloy MEDALS, precious metal MEDALS and so on.

These MEDALS have a common feature, the surface of the font, used to praise the words of individuals or groups, the difference is that each medal font is made with different technology, the following MEDALS customized manufacturer to introduce:

1, resin MEDALS, are basically affixed with gold foil text, this process is basically manually completed.

2, crystal MEDALS, is through color printing, carving, sandblasting and other processes into the text. The main step is to scan the pattern with ink, and then to carry out detailed polishing and edge grinding, and then to carve, and then sandblasting.

3, wooden MEDALS, through oxidation treatment of corrosion coloring finished, currently also organic engraved.

4, alloy MEDALS, zinc alloy Medal, currently there are two ways, the first is screen printing; The second is laser lettering.

MEDALS customized manufacturer


5, precious metal MEDALS are generally made of gold, silver, copper and other materials, for high-end MEDALS, are basically laser engraved.

With the development of science and technology, more and more high technology has been applied to the MEDALS. Slowly those complicated processes will be eliminated, but the final MEDALS are more and more beautiful!

What colors and what kind of MEDALS are they?

MEDALS give gold, silver and bronze a higher meaning, an honor that money can't buy.

And built on honor, is hard to pay for.

There has always been a sense of kinship and alienation, with gold, silver and bronze more prominent. I have a funny feeling about the three sport Medal. I like the gold, silver and bronze. Little do not know, MEDALS can also be colorful, like the rainbow on the horizon, also can freeze in the medal.

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