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EVA Floating Keychains
EVA floating key chain is an eco-friendly, lightweight, and durable product. Its base material comes in various colors and thicknesses and can be constructed in a single layer or multiple layers. The custom logos are usually printed in silkscreen or offset printing method. Use floating key chains to promote business via trade shows, giveaways, conventions, employee incentives, free giveaways, meetings, etc. These key chains are well-suited for many other water-related businesses as well.

Colorful EVA Floating Keychain

EVA foam is a versatile material, available in a plethora of colors, making it an ideal choice for EVA floating keychains. These keychains are usually crafted in a single layer/color or a combination of multiple layers and colors to create an appealing design. A small EVA bead, matching the color scheme, is frequently incorporated into a multi-layered design to add a fun and interesting element to the EVA keychain.