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Everything About Patches
Patches are everywhere, whether on clothes, shoes, backpacks and any fabric you need patches to add color and make them look more unique.
There are many types of patches, the most common ones nowadays are made of PVC, fabric, and leather.
For the military, patches are very important. You will find many patches on every soldier and officer, which represents their status and honor.
In the clothing accessories, patches are indispensable. A pair of jeans, jacket or coat with interesting patches, you will be the focus of public attention.

What Types Of Patches We Offer
Design Process
Top Quality Custom Military Patches Detail
Backing Options
Yes, We Also Make Custom Patches
PVC patches are versatile in design and can be made into any shape you want because they are first engraved on a metal model of the design and then filled with the corresponding color by an automatic coloring machine, and after cooling, the shape of a pvc patches is ready and can be sewn with Velcro or directly on the clothes because each patches are prepared with a groove for sewing. You can also tamper with the key chain to become a stylish keychain.
Clients We Proud Of
We offer custom patches for all types of military organizations, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Morale, Police, Firefighter patches, and more.
We bring you unmatched quality in custom embroidered military patches at the most reasonable guaranteed prices! Because we're a factory.
We call ourselves the military experts because we are able to offer full color and pastel options in acu, swat, forest, desert, multi-camera and drought, as well as digital camo twill with unlimited shapes, sizes and customization. Our patches are available in both sewn and velcro options for all kinds of harsh bad-weather use, with velcro again readily replaceable.

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World-class Factories. More than 15 Years of Experience.

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Driving costs down without sacrificing product quality.
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