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Challenge coins are usually small coins or commemorative badges with organization logos or badges carried by members of organization. Traditionally, they may prove to be members and improve their morale when challenged. In addition, service personnel and law enforcement personnel will collect them also. Historically, the challenge coin was issued by the army commander in recognition of the special achievements of the members of the army, and they were exchanged in recognition of their visit to the organization. Modern challenge coins come in various sizes and are usually made with reference to popular culture, including superheroes and other well-known characters,mainly characterized by popularity.
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Challenge coins are not only used in the military, but now more departments like challenge coins, such as: various enterprises, travel companies, governments, schools, team organizations will customize a unique challenge coin of their own, distributed to team members who have made efforts or contributions, members who get challenge coins will also feel honored by it, which is a very good way to reward and commemorate.


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Challenge coins come in a variety of styles, you just need to have a logo or slogan, traditional challenge coins are round, now using the latest technology, can be customized to any shape, edge, size, and then choose plating color, baking paint color, which will help you complete a unique work of art.

Common used processes for modern coins are printing, stamping and die casting. Material can be stainless steel, iron, brass and zinc alloy and so on. In general, zinc alloy die casting is the most widely used nowadays as flexible design, cheap price and better lines and 3D effects, can meet requirements of most people. Surface treatments can be bright metal, matte metal and antique or a combination of two of these. Common size of the challenge coin is 2 inches, can make it bigger or smaller according to the personal requirements.

If you need to customized a challenge coin, then you need to know the following information:


During the production of challenge coins, the process chosen is different, and the effects presented are also different. The process effects are generally divided into 2D soft enamel, 3D,enamel, printing, and all these processes can be combined

2D Soft Enamel

Vivid colors, clear lines, metallic bumpy feeling to the touch.

2D Soft Enamel + Epoxy

In 2D baking paint surface plus a layer of epoxy, the surface looks crystal clear, very textured.

3D Soft Enamel

Not in the same plane single concave and convex, 3D with curvature, good three-dimensional effect, strong metal texture.

3D Soft Enamel + Epoxy

3D surface layer plus epoxy, the surface both translucent texture, but also raised metal texture, is a relatively high-grade practice.

Printing + Epoxy

The logo pattern printed on stainless steel sheet, and then a layer of epoxy on the surface, and then attached to the metal base, can be very good to retain the original design of the logo, more suitable for some very complex patterns.


The surface has inconspicuous bump, relatively flat, on the basis of baking lacquer will be metal lines grinding flat, to achieve a smooth surface effect, bright colors, belong to the high-grade process

Logo is relatively simple, and the thickness requirements are not high can choose the practice of iron or copper stamping, stamping process thickness can be achieved 3.0mm, logo is more complex, 3D effect is obvious, thickness requirements can choose to do zinc alloy die-casting, zinc alloy is made of Front and Back die casting, thickness can be customized according to your needs, the cost of the stamping process is relatively low

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