Unit Patches & Rank Patches

Rank Patches: Elevate Military Uniforms with Distinct Authority. Our meticulously crafted patches signify the hierarchy and achievements within the armed forces. Designed with precision and durability in mind, these patches showcase individual rank progression, from private to general. The vibrant embroidery ensures a professional and polished appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of military uniforms. Whether displayed with pride or worn on tactical gear, our Rank Patches serve as powerful symbols of dedication and authority. Choose quality craftsmanship to reflect the honor and tradition associated with military service, ensuring a distinguished and cohesive look that embodies the values of the armed forces.

Army Unit Patches & Army Rank Patches

Army unit patches are usually produced with twill fabric, however, velvet or felt is available upon request. For the backside treatments, the options are iron-on, adhesive tape, or Velcro. With an array of thread colors, we are able to match the requested colors exactly. We only use best-quality threads on our army unit patches so the colors will never fade after washes. Our sales team is well familiar with the stripes and bars in the army rank patches and you don't need to worry about the communications on these patches at all.
Elevate military uniforms with our Army Unit Patches and Army Rank Patches. Crafted with precision, these patches are emblematic of unit pride and individual achievements within the armed forces. Our extensive collection includes a variety of designs, reflecting the unique identities of different military units. From infantry to special forces, each patch tells a story of dedication and camaraderie. The rank patches highlight the hierarchy and authority within the army, symbolizing the progression of individuals through various ranks. Built with durability in mind, our patches withstand the demands of military life, ensuring longevity and vibrant colors. Choose our patches to honor tradition, showcase accomplishments, and foster unity within military units.
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