Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches

Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches: Unleash Vibrancy and Detail in Every Design. Elevate your branding and style with our innovative patches that boast brilliant, durable, and photo-realistic imagery. Using advanced dye sublimation and heat transfer technology, we ensure unmatched color depth and clarity. These patches are perfect for intricate designs, logos, or detailed artwork, providing a modern and lasting embellishment for garments, accessories, and more. With a seamless fusion of color and fabric, our Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches offer a dynamic and professional solution for customization, making your brand or design stand out with unparalleled vibrancy and precision.

Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches

● Specifications Of Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches
● Embroidery Patches are 100% customizable.
● We offer over a hundred thread colors, including metallic and luminous shades.
● Choose from various backing options: iron-on, button-on, Velcro-on, or adhesive tape.
● Available with either a merrow border or a heat-cut border.
● Low MOQ of 100 pcs per design.

Dye Sublimated Heat Transfer Patches
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World-class Factories. More than 15 Years of Experience.

Low Cost
Driving costs down without sacrificing product quality.
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