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Challenge Coin Etiquette

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Challenge Coin Etiquette

The Challenge coin has a long history, some say it dates back to an elite flight squadron in World War I. During this time, their use may have been minimal, but the concept took off during the Vietnam War, and the Challenge coin is still popular today. Although they are usually associated with the military, other groups also issue challenge coins.

To outsiders, the challenge coins seem like a fine collection. These coins are indeed collector's items, but they are also shrouded in true tradition. Challenge coins represent membership in important things, and there are rules governing them. Every coin owner should be familiar with the challenge of flipping a coin.

Challenge Coin

It is an honor to receive the military challenge coin. Therefore, it is important to understand the etiquette surrounding these important souvenirs. When you use challenge coins in the right way, you will contribute to a time-tested tradition that puts friendship and membership on the table. If you want to play the challenge coin, these are the 12 basic rules you must follow.

The rules of the game should be given or explained to the owner of the coin. It's rude to challenge if you don't have a way to address it ahead of time.

You must carry coins at all times and be able to challenge them anywhere. You can only take four steps to get the coin.

The challenger must clearly state whether the challenge is to have a drink.

If the challenger fails to show the coin, he must cash in the challenge and buy the drink. Each person can only challenge once.

If everyone who is challenged manages to produce coins, the challenger can buy drinks. Be careful who you challenge.

Never give someone else's coin a challenge. This is the same as giving someone a coin. Coins can be placed on the table and anyone who wants to check them will be honored to return them to their original location.

If you lose a coin, it is your responsibility to change it as soon as possible. Losing a coin does not absolve you of your responsibility for playing by the rules. In other words, if you lose it, you will buy a lot of drinks.

There are no exceptions to these rules. They will apply whether you wear clothes or not, so think ahead. Remember, there are four steps to getting your coin within reach.

The challenge coin is a coin. It is not a buckle, bracelet, or necklace, so do not use it as you would use it. Exceptions are those where coins are held in a pouch around the neck.

You must always control your coins. It means honor, so you shouldn't just give honor to anyone.

You probably won't drill holes in coins.

These rules apply to anyone who is worth getting the coin, the person who is known to own the coin, and the person who buys it.

Most importantly, the challenge coin is an honor and you should treat it as one.

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