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Challenge Coins Are Becoming More and More Popular At Auto Shows

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The auto show not only brings joy to the family but also an excellent publicity channel for companies and organizations. Auto show enthusiasts like to witness some of the most luxurious and classic cars ever driven, while the company hopes to promote its brand, products, or services to the general public. In recent years, this type of promotion has grown exponentially. It uses customized challenge coins.

The challenge coin originated in the military and was designed to improve morale and promote team building within each unit. Since then, the challenge coin has become a collector’s item and advertising medium. It is the combination of their popularity and promotional effects that make Challenge Coins a logical item to be distributed at auto shows.

Combine popularity and effective promotion

Companies can take advantage of the fact that most auto show attendees are attracted by the idea of bringing back some kind of souvenir to commemorate their participation in the show. Challenge coins have ideal size, attractive appearance, and low prices, so they naturally attract consumers and collectors. They are easy to store and can be made into excellent displays.

Design a challenge coin for the auto show

Challenge coins customized for auto shows usually have unique designs on both sides. One side of the Challenge Coin always carries some kind of pictures or text related to the actual performance. The most commonly used appearances on this face include any of the following:

•Auto show logo

• Visual effects of classic or luxury cars • Exhibition

Date and place

•Combination of mentions

Bronze Challenge Coins

Bronze Challenge Coins 

There are two main reasons why one side of the promotional challenge coin is designated as a car show instead of the two sides for advertising purposes. These reasons are:

• Popularity: Consumers need a coin that can be used as a souvenir. They want a project that represents the show itself. Just like how bread, caramel, and even tobacco companies use images of baseball players on cards to promote their products, companies use images and text related to automatic display on custom challenge coins in a similar way.

• Larger circulation: The company's main goal of using challenge coins at auto shows is to distribute as many coins as possible to more people. One of the simplest and most effective methods is to let the auto show promoter distribute coins by themselves throughout the event. If the challenge coin has a car show logo on one side, they will be more likely to assist in the distribution.

Since one side of the challenge coin is dedicated to commemorating the auto show, the space on the back must be fully utilized. They may wish to customize the design in the following ways:

•Company logo and contact information

• Advertising slogans for products or services

• Picture of the actual product

Evaluate design options for auto show challenge coins

Each of the three popular design options works. Which of the three coins a company chooses to use depends largely on the intended use of the coin.

For companies looking to increase the brand name and increase the overall exposure of the company as a whole, the logo and contact information options will be ideal. The logo may appeal to the recipients of the coin, who will then visit the listed website for more information.

For companies that want to sell common products or services, advertising slogans may be the best choice. Bronze Challenge Coins with this design usually overlap with other advertising media (TV, online advertising, or billboards). If a company intends to sell a single product that can be purchased in a store, they may want to use actual pictures or 3D images of the product itself to increase visibility.

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