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How Useful Are Badges in Life?

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Lapel pin is playing an increasingly important role in our daily life. Because of its special function, badges are often sold as merchandise or collected as souvenirs. The badge factory has sprung up, more people are engaged in the production of badges, and the production of badge children has become easier and more convenient.

How useful are badges in the following ways:

Badges are good promotional gifts: can be used for corporate publicity, public welfare, charity, etc., such as corporate gifts,

Red Cross and other red ribbons.

Custom pin badge is a good gift: In order to thank new and old customers who support the development of enterprises, companies usually choose to make some high-end badges, such as enamel badges, imitation enamel badges.

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Custom Pin Badge

Badges are a good sensational gift: In order to reward employees, businessmen will give well-made gifts to employees during the celebration or New Year.

Medals recognize employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company and motivate them to continue working for the development of the company.

Badges are good advertising: There are many forms of advertising, but as a new advertising medium. People recognize and make personalized badges, which can not only attract customers, but also very good live advertisements, let people remember quickly live.

As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle, how can a beautiful and exquisite badge have fewer badge accessories. Today, a custom military badge supplier introduces common badge accessories:

1. Safety accessories: safety pin

Safety pins are mainly used to make large body badges. Their advantages are that they are stronger than thorn pins and butterfly buckles (hats).

The safety pin seen is a long strip, which is fixed on the back of the badge by liquid soldering, and the plating effect is changed according to the badge design.

How to use the safety pin: The safety pin is composed of a needle and a needle body. When in use, pull down the pin switch on the side.

Close the pin switch after you've worn your clothes.

2. Comfortable accessories: thorn horse nails

A spur is one of the common badge accessories. It can be used with butterfly hats, butterfly buckles, high cards and other badge accessories.

Different badges can use different spurs, mainly 8mm (common), 10mm, 12m, 14m and other specifications, according to the badge design can change the plating effect.

How to use a lancet: The lancet has a sharp head. When you wear it, you only need to wear clothes and put on a butterfly hat and other accessories. Inspur

The area of the bottom of the needle is small, and its firmness is not as good as that of a safety pin. Like some printed badges, thorn horse needles are glued with strong glue.

3. Beautiful accessories: butterfly buckle.

The butterfly clasp is used together with the thorn horse needle. Its appearance is called a butterfly button because it looks like a butterfly with wings open. It can fix the badge by holding the thorn horse needle. The plating effect can be changed according to the badge design.

How to use the butterfly clasp: After passing the badge with the bridle needle through the clothes, open the two clip springs of the butterfly clasp and put on the needle.

4. Convenient accessory: butterfly hat

The butterfly cap is the same as the butterfly buckle, which is used to fix the badges. The butterfly cap is made of environmentally friendly plastic or rubber, which will not cause damage to the skin when worn. How to use the butterfly hat: After the badge with the thorn pin is inserted through the clothes, put on the butterfly hat.

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