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How do we use the PVC Patches?

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I believe that everyone will encounter a particularly like the clothes were accidentally scraped a small hole, throw away reluctant to give up to, continue to wear will make a joke. This situation encounters something, PVC Patches. Used for patching, the difference is that this PVC Patch is more beautiful, not only will not become the flaw of the beloved clothes but also become a bright spot, especially the military patch stickers, which will make the clothes look cool. Here's a brief introduction to how to use the PVC Patches.



•Select the appropriate PVC Patches

•Check the fabric for clothing or accessories

•Think well about the design and layout

•Suture PVC Patches


Select the appropriate PVC Patches

First, select the appropriate PVC Patches. Children 's clothes are recommended to choose more lovely products, adults' clothes can also choose patterns according to their preferences. Many of our websites, and no recommendations here. Choose your favorite PVC Patches to also consider the size of the hole, to perfect fit to color the clothes. The selected line quality is better so that it is not easily worn out. Color and PVC Patches and clothes can not differ too much or the effect will not look good.


Check the fabric for clothing or accessories

Fabrics like denim and cotton are best suitable for PVC Patches. Generally, your chosen fabric is thicker than the PVC Patches.


Think well about the design and layout

Before you use the PVC Patches, place your coat, belt, or backpack, and decide exactly where you want to patch. If you are only going to sew a PVC Patches on this garment, put it in a unique position. Make it look design. If you are plan to add several more PVC Patches like the Girl Scouts belt or other collectibles, they have to plan and make sure there is enough location on it. If you use PVC Patches that can transfer, remember that the letters and other asymmetrical patterns flip when they are printed.


Suture PVC Patches

Slice carefully along the edge of the PVC Patches. Here it is recommended to use a relatively fine needle, you can increase the firmness, a circle of seam down to make a needle inside, open to complete.


What if the clothes are broken? Throw in is a pity, keep to wear and embarrassed to go out to see people, spent hundreds or even thousands of clothes so throw let a person distressed. Just a PVC Patches is needed to solve the problem. The earliest PVC Patches were used to sew broken clothes, and many people now use patches to decorate their clothes to show personality. YC Gift (Zhongshan) Limited conducts many tests of PVC Patches,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need PVC Patches, you can consider our cost-effective products. YC Gift (Zhongshan) Limited materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.

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