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How to Clean the Dirty PVC Keychain?

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When PVC keychain and silicone keychain are used for too long, the keyring on them will become very dirty. How should I clean the keychain? If the PVC keychain is dirty, it can be cleaned with wind oil, wet wipes, and alcohol. If the silicone keychain is dirty, it can be cleaned with toothpaste, rubber, water, and alcohol. Silicone Keychain supplier will share with you the cleaning method for a dirty keychain.

1. How to clean the PVC keychain if it is dirty

1. Fengyoujing method to remove dirt

First of all, let’s find a piece of cotton cloth. When the cotton cloth is soft and clean, we drop the air oil on the dirty place of the PVC keychain and wipe it back and forth gently several times. After a while, you will see that the PVC keychain becomes There is feeling and light.

2. Wipes cleaning method

In daily care, we only use wet wipes to wipe the PVC keychain. It can easily remove the odor, which is convenient and affordable!

3. Alcohol wipe method

If your PVC keychain changes color and the transparent feeling becomes blurred, it is basically impossible to be the same as when you first bought it. We can only wipe off the dirt with alcohol. You can use cotton or cotton swabs to get alcohol, but Don't use too much force, so as not to erase the pattern. But don’t worry, if you don’t rub it back and forth very hard, the pattern will not fall off. In short, it will clean a lot after rubbing with alcohol.

Silicone Keychain

Silicone Keychain

2. How to clean the Silicone Keychain if it is dirty

1. Toothpaste: Use toothpaste to clean the silicone keychain and wipe it repeatedly with a soft cotton cloth to achieve the cleaning effect. Toothpaste is a very good cleaning tool.

2. Eraser: If you wipe with an eraser, you can clean up the stolen goods. If the dirt on your keychain is not very serious, wipe it with an eraser several times and then wash it with water. It is also a good Cleaning effect.

3. Clean water: Rinse with clean water. If there is grease, apply soap and rinse with clean water. Use a hot air blower to dry the silicone keychain. Be careful not to expose it to the sun. Silicone is a highly corrosion-resistant material.

4. Alcohol: Use soft cotton cloth dipped in some alcohol to wipe gently.

Note: Do not clean too frequently, otherwise the silicone keychain will turn yellow.

In fact, silicone products can avoid yellowing and sticky dust during the production process. As long as the anti-yellowing agent is added to the raw materials during the production process, the yellowing effect will not be obvious as the use time becomes longer. And spray a layer of feel oil on the surface of the silicone product, then the silicone product will not be so sticky.

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