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How to Distinguish the Material of the Wristband?

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Although the custom wrist band is an important component of the bracelet, it has not received the corresponding attention from the consumer market for a long time, but this does not prevent the continuous evolution of the bracelet material. At present, the materials of the hand ring can be divided into four categories. Sports wrist band supplier for you to share:

1. Soft PVC: Soft PVC has a soft touch, bright colors, and low price. It should be said that there are many advantages. But PVC contains halogen. Although there is a relatively more environmentally friendly PVC, the PVC material has a larger odor.

Identification method: Ignite an unknown soft rubber material with fire (the fire source does not leave), if the color of the bottom of the flame is green when burning, then the soft rubber material is undoubtedly PVC.

2. TPU or PU: These two materials belong to polyurethane, the difference is that one is thermoplastic (TPU) and one is cast (PU). PU can also be processed into leather materials. PU leather has a good soft touch and no smell. It can be used as a qualified artificial leather wristband material. The other is TPU. TPU material has excellent elasticity and can be injection-molded with another hard plastic PC of the bracelet. The cost is also relatively cheap, and the materials can be recycled. The disadvantage is that the soft touch is not ideal. In terms of hardness selection, usually TPU above 70A, softer hardness TPU, the required material cost is very high.

Identification method: TPU burns into a yellow flame, with a slight sizzling sound, and a smell of ammonia.

3. TPE / TPR: This is actually an elastomer material based on SEBS. Such soft materials are also thermoplastic and can be injection molded. The advantage of the material is that it is comfortable and soft to touch, has excellent elasticity, and can simulate the effect of soft and smooth skin. It can also be excellently bonded with PC plastics. In terms of softness and hardness, it can provide a wide space of Shore 30 ~ 90A.

The material can be recycled and used. In terms of cost, it is not cheaper than TPU, and may even be more expensive. The use of a special compounding system makes the material not easy to stick to dust and has good stain resistance. TPE / TPR is a non-toxic, odorless and safe material, which has no sensitizing effect on human skin. Meet the ISO-10993 test of the medical industry. Regardless of cost considerations, TPE and TPR are ideal wrist and wrist strap materials, and are also candidates for high-end and high-end smart bracelet wrist strap materials.

Identification method: TPE and TPR are burned with special aroma, and the flame is yellowish to blue.

4. Silicone: Silicone is the top environmentally friendly material. Silicone is excellent in elasticity and smooth in touch, and it is a material that allows consumers to rest assured. The processing method is hydraulic forming, and the material cannot be recycled. The cost is not cheap.

Identification method: Combustion of silica gel will produce white powder with bright flame.

It is difficult for most users to discern the difference between various materials through visual observation. Therefore, direct burning is not a means that anyone can afford. Relatively hasty identification methods, it is recommended to buy printing wrist bands of big brands, at least will not lie to people.

Printing Wrist Bands

Printing Wrist Bands

How to clean the bracelet?

To clean the bracelet, the first choice is actually to rinse it with clean water, but for some stubborn stains, such a rinsing effect may not be good. You can use a soft cloth to apply certain soapy water. After cleaning the stubborn stains, use a paper towel or Dry with a soft cloth and blow dry in a cool, ventilated place.

For stains that are very difficult to clean, try using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and small objects such as toothpaste and fengyoujing can actually help us clean the wristband.

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