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How to Make PVC Patch at Home?

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In the custom patch family, most people think of PVC as the odd man out. Embroidery patches, woven patches, and even photo patches are made with thread and mesh, but PVC patches are not.

The PVC material to mold this design is similar in texture to soft rubber. As a result, not only they look completely different from traditional patches, but they also feel different. Threaded patches have the warm texture of a fabric, such as a comfortable sweater or flannel shirt, while PVC patches have a cool, soft rubber texture.

Traditionalists may argue that PVC patches are not part of the custom patch family. PVC patches are by no means your traditional patch, but they are the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities, and they have the deepest potential and most detailed color artwork.

Clear Detail and Unique Texture For Custom Patch Design

PVC patches are a game-changer when it comes to custom patch design. Photo color blocks and woven color blocks have soft, smooth surfaces, and despite their incredible detail, they lack true depth. The surface of the embroidery patch is more textured thanks to the thread that makes up the artwork, but IF you want a truly pop-up patch design, PVC is the only option.

These patches have layered 2D designs. To do this, our production team created molds. Colored PVC is used to fill the recessed areas of the mold and then everything is put into the oven for curing. With this cast design, it is easy to create sculptural art with rounded corners.

So if you're looking for a design with 2D detail and texture, then PVC is the best choice.

Take this patch as an example. The background pattern of the design has a stippled pattern. Only PVC can be used for this type of design, so if you want to include textures such as reptile scales, honeycomb structures, or even perfectly smooth surfaces, we will serve you.

Select the Color in the PVC Patch

The available color options for PVC patches and embroidery patches are slightly different. When creating an embroidered patch, there are hundreds of different line colors to choose from. PVC, on the other hand, needs to be mixed manually to produce different colors.

Custom PVC Patch is known for its vibrant color and incredible detail, but one of their best features is little known. You'll find that PVC patches are better suited to contain small text than any other type of patch.

Custom Military PVC Patch

This is not to say that a thread-made patch cannot contain text. In terms of including text, PVC patches are only better than other types of patches. It has to do with the way patches are made. For example, embroidery patches need to be carefully designed to avoid situations such as stitch work.

Changing the level of words printed in a drawing creates a natural contrast, and making the message much clearer than when it is stitched or printed on a mesh surface.

Change Things with a New Kind of Custom Patch Design

Custom PVC patches are better than any other type of custom patch. However, depending on the type of design you are looking for, PVC may be the best choice.

If you want to include small text, Pantone colors for your team or business, or 3D artwork, THEN PVC is the best choice. Most importantly, PVC is soft, cold-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities.

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