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How to Wear Cufflinks on Regular Shirts?

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The cufflinks are great! Yes, they are. If you think about it, when can a man wear jewelry that is both decorative and practical? If you did not try to wear cufflinks, you will miss a lot!

Wear Cufflinks

Wear Cufflinks

Cufflinks have traditionally been associated with men's formal or semi-formal clothing (such as tuxedo ensemble). Others refer to these versatile accessories as "formal jewelry." They are very useful if you want to add personality to a tuxedo, cufflink shirt, or suit.

There are many options for modern cufflinks

In fact, you can even wear custom cufflinks to support your favorite sports team.

But before buying, you should know how to wear them. As long as your sleeves have the necessary holes in the long sleeves, you can easily wear cufflinks. If you happen to have no cufflink shirts or French or double cuff shirts, then this article is for you.

Below is detailed information on how to modify a regular shirt to a shirt with double cuffs and how to wear cufflinks. Modifying the conventional cuff shirt is a viable option for buying a new shirt. Even for beginners, it is very simple.

How to make a cufflink shirt?

Get a shirt with long enough sleeves and fold the cuffs once to wear it. Remove the buttons from the cuffs of the shirt.

Fold the cuff once to expose the underside of the cuff. It will be outside when finished.

Place the sleeve on a flat surface and align the opening edge of the cuff.

Find the original button hole of the shirt. Mark a small line under the buttonhole with the edges still aligned. Don't forget to mark the opposite sides of each sleeve.

After use, sew on the edge of the thread. It should be almost rectangular in shape so that you can create 3 more button holes.

Leave 1/6 inch between the two rows of pins. Then, cut the middle of each buttonhole to create an opening.

Reinforce the fabric with needles or stitches on the edges to prevent it from fraying. Once the cufflinks are inserted, they should go through all 4 holes and the double cufflinks should be held while wearing.

How to Wear Cufflinks on Regular Shirts?cid=3


How to wear cufflinks?

You can use cufflinks on single or double sleeves. Single cuffs look like regular cuffs on men’s shirts, but with holes on both sides. At the same time, double cuffs or French cuffs have two holes on both sides of the opening.

Pinch the cuffs of the shirt sleeves so that the inside "kissing" or pressing together.

Insert the cufflinks fully into the two holes of the shirt cuff. When you put your arm aside, the face or decorative or colored part of the cufflinks should face outward.

According to the style of the cufflinks, fix it on the back of the cufflinks and you can use it easily!

There are no hard and fast rules for wearing cufflinks. So grab a pair and put on a shirt with cufflinks, and get the attention of those around you!

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