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How to describe military coins?

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A military coin is a metal coin or commemorative medal with the logo and slogan of the organization and is held by members of the organization. The tradition is to identify the enemy and to boost morale when the organization encounters challenges. In addition, soldiers also like to collect this. So how are military coins used? And how to choose the design of military coins? The following is a detailed introduction.


The meaning of military coins

Military coins design options

The meaning of military coins

Military challenge coins are usually small coins or commemorative badges with organization logos or badges carried by members of the organization. Traditionally, when challenged, they may prove to be members and improve their morale. In addition, service personnel and law enforcement personnel will also collect. Historically, the challenge coin was issued by the commander of the army to recognize the special achievements of members of the army and exchanged to recognize their visit to the organization. Modern challenge coins come in various sizes, usually made concerning popular culture, including superheroes and other famous characters, and are mainly characterized by popularity.

In addition to using coins for challenges, they are also used as rewards for outstanding service or fulfilling duties. Therefore, they are used as a morale booster. Military officers occasionally give non-military personnel recognition of their outstanding service or rewards.

Military coins design options

Commonly used processes for modern coins are printing, stamping and die-casting. The material can be stainless steel, iron, brass, zinc alloy, etc. Generally speaking, zinc alloy die-casting is the most widely used today because of its flexible design, low price, better lines, and three-dimensional effects, which can meet the requirements of most people. The surface treatment can be bright metal, matte metal, and antique, or a combination of the two. The general size of the challenge coin is 2 inches, which can be made larger or smaller according to individual requirements.

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