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How to find the appropriate PVC patches

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Do you want to proudly show your favorite army on your coat sleeves, or show off the new badge you knew at summer camp? PVC patches are a great way to show their personality and they can also be used to cover holes in clothes and accessories. This post will teach you how to prepare the appropriate PVC patches.


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•Find out the types of PVC patches

•As an ornament

•Pick the right small PVC patches


Find out the types of PVC patches

Some patches come with back glue and some have a lining on the back. Check your patch stickers to use other materials. The decorative PVC patches are usually thick, hard, and have something like plastic glue on one side. This patch can be used to cover where the clothing is torn or faded and discolored. Patches used to block holes or stains and can combine with fabric are usually thick


As an ornament

PVC patches can not just decorate clothes that you don't be willing to throw away but break a hole. In modern times, people think more of it as a simple ornament. To make your clothes look better, the personality is more prominent but not illegal. This has a lot to do with picking the color of the PVC patches lining the color of the clothing fabric. Their color is similar to the same, or the color of the clothes and the edge color of the PVC patches, if you know how to match, choose two different but appropriate colors that are also good, remember to unify the level of the color.


Pick the right small PVC patches

If you are wearing the hole and want to use the PVC patches then you should measure the size of the hole diameter before choosing the PVC patches. In general, the PVC patches should be at least 2 mm larger than the hole diameter. If you just want to decorate your clothes with PVC patches then when choosing the size of the PVC patches should consider the proportion of the PVC patches to the dress, which can be chosen according to your preferences. When the PVC patches are too large, we can also trim with scissors, but be careful not to cut the pattern.


PVC is a plastic product made from 43% oil and 57% salt. Compared with other kinds of plastic products, PVC is a more efficient application of raw materials, reduces fuel consumption. Meanwhile, the PVC manufacturing industry also has low energy consumption. And in the later use of PVC products, it can be recycled and converted into other new products or incineration to obtain energy. So PVC patches post an environment-friendly product. PVC is completely non - toxic and tasteless, with no irritation to body skin or respiratory system, and for that sensitive skin, there are no problems using PVC patches close to the skin. YC Gift (Zhongshan) Limited conducts many tests of PVC Patches,and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you need PVC Patches, you can consider our cost-effective products. YC Gift (Zhongshan) Limited materials are non-toxic and tasteless, perfect after-sales service, you can have no worries.


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