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How to improve the coloration of wooden MEDALS?

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How to improve the coloration of wooden MEDALS?

Custom logo Medal supplier shares that ooze color is a common kind of defect in the production of wooden plate MEDALS, the so-called ooze color refers to the surface layer paint coating to soften or dissolve the coating film of the underlying paint coating, so that the color of the underlying paint permeates to the surface layer, causing the phenomenon of inconsistent color and lustre.

The main reasons for the color coloration of the wooden plate are as follows:

1, in the bottom paint coating is not fully dry, on the coating coating.

2, in the general underlying paint coating paint coating coating coated with strong solvent coating.

3, some organic pigments (such as phthalein blue, phthalein green), asphalt, creosote, etc., are used in the primer paint.

4, wood contains some organic dyes, wood glue, such as not coated coating, or in the case of high temperature, easy to appear ooze color.

5, the color of the underlying paint coating is dark, and the color of the surface layer paint coating is light, also prone to color infiltration.

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For these reasons, we can take the following measures to improve the problem of coloration:

1, after the bottom paint is fully dry, apply the surface paint.

2, the bottom paint and surface paint supporting use.

3, the best choice of primer inorganic pigments or impermeable organic pigments, avoid asphalt, creosote and other mixed paint.

4, wood dye, wood glue should be cleaned as far as possible, the joints should be painted 2-3 times clear piece varnish; Then apply the surface coating after drying.

5, the color of surface paint coating should be generally deeper than the bottom paint coating.

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