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Metal badge customization and production process

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Badge: A symbol that symbolizes identity and occupation. The metal badge is generally made by stamping, die-casting, and biting process. The surface of the lapel pin can be plated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel and other plating effects. The utility model has the advantages of simple and smooth lines, uneven pattern and the like, and the surface color process such as baking varnish, enamel and printing can be used to make the product more abundant.

Metal badge material: pure silver, pure gold, copper, iron, stainless steel, zinc alloy and other metals. In recent years, the value of badge collection has become more and more prominent, especially the badges made of metal materials have become the mainstream of the current badge production, such as the badges and imitation badges in the high-grade badges, as well as the paint badges, and the use of iron The metal badge is relatively cheaper.

Badge/Lapel Pin

Badge/Lapel Pin

Production process

Process 1: Design a badge artwork. With the popularity of computer technology, computer drafts replaced previous manual drawings. Commonly used production tools for custom pin badge artwork design are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. If you want to generate 3D badge renderings, you need software such as 3D Max.

Process 2: Making a badge mold. The computer-designed manuscript is imported into the engraving machine program to edit the tool path for mold engraving. In the engraving process, pay attention to the thickness of the knife pattern. After engraving, check whether the mold is missing. Finally, the mold is heat treated to enhance the hardness and durability of the mold.

Process 3: Suppression. The mold that is often heat-treated is mounted on a press table, and a different piece of badge material such as a copper piece or a piece of iron that is pressed by the pattern is placed.

Process 5: Polishing. Put the product that has been punched down into the polishing machine to remove the punched burrs and improve the smoothness of the product.

Process 6: Accessories for welding badges. Solder the badge on the back of the product with standard accessories or customer-requested accessories.

Process 7: Plating and coloring the badge. According to the customer's requirements, the badge can be plated, silver plated, nickel plated, plated with red copper, etc., and then the badge is colored according to the customer's requirements, finished with high temperature and baked to enhance the color fastness. Through this step, a complete custom enamel pin badge that meets the customer's requirements is produced.

Process 8: The produced badges are packaged according to the customer's requirements. Packaging is generally divided into ordinary packaging and high-grade packaging such as brocade, etc., we generally operate according to customer requirements.

Badge design and production process: baking varnish, (imitation) enamel, stamping, biting, printing, offset printing, etc.

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