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The badge of Qing dynasty and the republic of China

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Badges, for example,

Badge of the qing dynasty 

Pin Badge wholesale shares that In the late years of the qing dynasty, the international exchanges between China and foreign countries were increasing day by day. In order to maintain friendship, many countries often gave foreign important guests such as envoys, visiting officials and traveling dignitaries MEDALS. However, according to tradition, the government of the qing dynasty gave such things as mandarin jacket, plume and top wear, which was not suitable for international practice. So the prime minister of the qing government national affairs, Yu Guangxu seventeen years (1891 years)  December 29, to the court with a medal of articles of association, suggest setting "ssangyong treasure star" medal.  medal of the medal of the throne and articles of association, design approval soon, the first medal was born in China's history. The medal is shaped like a star and its design is similar to the national flag of the qing dynasty, with the dragon as the symbol. The MEDALS are divided into five levels of ll, the first, second and third levels respectively, and the fourth and fifth levels are not classified. The grades are marked in manchu on the stars and inlaid with jewels, or pearls, or coral, or precious stones, in order of color. When a medal is awarded, a certificate of the medal is issued as a certificate.

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Emblem of the republic of China

Custom Military Pin Badge supplier shares that the period of the republic of China badge production is various. In the reward category badge, has the center, has the place; There are military and political institutions as well as popular organizations; Some are given in the name of an organization, others in the name of an individual. Some said MEDALS, MEDALS, some said MEDALS, honorary MEDALS and so on, a wide variety of different names. At the beginning of the founding of the republic of China, the central government and some provincial military and political organizations used to award MEDALS and MEDALS to recognize and reward those who had made contributions to the founding of the republic of China. Nanjing provisional government has set up nine trims, tiger root and lion awakening MEDALS. During li yuanhong's reign, he issued commemorative MEDALS in the name of "grand marshal" and "vice President". During the reign of the northern warlords, the Beijing government set up such kinds of MEDALS as golden harvest medal and wenhu medal. Such as zhili provincial governor medal, hubei governor xiao yaonan medal and so on. During the reign of the republic of China, nanjing government also set up a variety of MEDALS and MEDALS, such as the order of blue sky and day, the order of zhongshan, the order of gan cheng, etc. There are also many local, departmental and professional MEDALS, especially in the military system. The golden harvest medal, established in July 1912, consists of nine grades (to be varied) and is awarded to those who have performed meritorious service to the country or meritorious service in learning and career, according to the degree of merit and rank of the person to be awarded. Golden harvest is growing especially strong rice, ancient people see golden harvest pattern as a symbol of good luck. After the founding of the republic of China, jiahe pattern replaced the dragon pattern of the qing dynasty and often appeared on the currency and emblem, and had the nature of simple national emblem. At that time to golden harvest pattern pattern, has not made the explicit stipulation. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the national emblem design still retained jiahe.

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