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The design meaning and design process of souvenir coins

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We all know that the design of souvenir coins has its symbolic meaning and contains different cultures. So how is the design meaning of souvenir coins conceived? What is the design process of souvenir coins?


Design concept of souvenir coin

Souvenir coin design process


Design concept of souvenir coin

In terms of military souvenir coins, many modern souvenir coins have their special inheritance. For example, the Russian Navy also uses the St. Andrew's oblique cross souvenir coin (still the Russian Navy flag), which is commonly used by the Scots and is employed in the early Russian navy. Related to Scottish generals.


Many souvenir coins have mottos in their designs, such as the French "Honi soit qui mal y pense" on the souvenir coins of the British National Emblem, and the Latin "a Mari usque ad mare" on the souvenir coins of the Canadian National Emblem. "(From ocean to ocean) etc. The French on the British National Emblem souvenir coins have a great background. Because the French were ruled by the French-speaking Normans in British history, French was once the official language of the United Kingdom. At that time, the use of English was a low performance. When writing famous sentences on souvenir coins, French became the natural choice.

souvenir coins 

The historical origin of the user can usually be seen from the words used in the motto of the souvenir coin design. For example, which words are used on the national emblems of African countries, often indicates which country the sovereign state of the colonial era is. Older souvenir coins use ancient languages. For example, the use of Latin national emblems and school emblems often indicates that this country and school are "old brands" with a long history.


Unlike European souvenir coins, which are mostly marked with animals and crosses, Japanese "family patterns" mostly plant materials. In modern times, many ancient Japanese "family patterns" are still used in private occasions by some families, while some "family patterns" are used intact as trademarks and corporate signs by old families engaged in new industries (such as Shimadzu Marubeni Corporation's The symbol "Shimadzu Maru Cross" is the famous "Shimadzu Clan" souvenir coin in history). As for Japanese companies and organizations established entirely by "modern people," the various badges they use have been completely modernized, and they are almost the same in composition as similar souvenir coins in Europe and the United States.

Souvenir coin design process

The number of souvenir coins produced.

The administrative department shall make a list of persons who are qualified to issue souvenir coins.


Souvenir coin-making artwork.

 Provide design artwork for commemorative coin production, or design artist can design and produce the artwork for a commemorative coin.


Souvenir coin production quality.

Upon delivery, it will be inspected and identified by a third-party national authority. It is best to equip each product with a legally valid quality inspection certificate to check the quality, authenticity, and gold and silver content of souvenir coins at any time.


Commemorative coin production and custody.

1. After the gold and silver souvenir coins are made, the first thing to do is to keep them safe.

2. Mainly anti-moisture and anti-oxidation.


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