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​Types of souvenir coins

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Souvenir coins are the general name of commemorative chapter-shaped items. There will be many people around us wearing souvenir coins, such as police, soldiers, etc. Souvenir coins are a symbol and often contain many cultural factors, so today I will take you to see what types of souvenir coins are available.


How to classify souvenir coins?

Other categories of souvenir coins


How to classify souvenir coins?

A souvenir coin is a representative or symbol of a thing in an era, and it must contain rich historical connotations behind it. The souvenir coin itself is a handicraft, so it is loved by more and more people. Now it has become a mass collection, souvenir coins are one of the indispensable items in the antique and second-hand goods market.


Souvenir coins can be divided into badges according to their different functions, such as badges and medals issued by troops, units, and schools, which are given to people with merit by the state or unit. Souvenir coins are the most issued badges, craftsmanship chapters, souvenir coins produced purely for decoration.

Souvenir coins can be divided into engraving souvenir coins, electroplating souvenir coins, inlaid souvenir coins, casting souvenir coins, etc. according to the production process.

Souvenir coins can be used chronologically as early souvenir coins before the early years of the Republic of China, mid-term souvenir coins before and after the liberation, Cultural Revolution souvenir coins, and modern souvenir coins.

Souvenir coins 

Other categories of souvenir coins

Souvenir coins can be divided into metal souvenir coins, porcelain stamps, lacquered wood souvenir coins, plastic souvenir coins, bakelite souvenir coins, etc. according to their materials; aluminum-backed souvenir coins are the most common, light, and beautiful. Plastic souvenir coins are not wear-resistant and have limitations in wearing and storing. The souvenir coins made of stainless steel, which have been developed in recent years, are thin in body, exquisite in workmanship, precise in color, bright in surface, and not easy to corrode. They are easy to wear and easy to collect. Copper souvenir coins are generally special souvenir coins, which are characterized by mellow, rough, and precious, especially the red copper texture, which has a kind of king style. Gold medals are the best of souvenir coins and are generally issued in limited quantities for a special commemorative event. The surface of the ceramic souvenir coin is smooth and beautiful, corrosion-resistant but fragile. Ceramic souvenir coins are rare and generally have high artistic and collection value. Bamboo seals are excellent in terms of craftsmanship, texture, and color. It is easy to dry and crack in the dry north.

The ways to obtain souvenir coins include gifts, inheritance, exchange, purchase, etc., among which purchase is the most important way. There are many ways to buy, and you can only buy the best products at auctions.

Souvenir coin accessories: thorn horse pins, butterfly hats, safety pins, high cards, etc.


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