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What Are the Advantages of Pvc Keychain?

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No matter what kind of work we do, we must show our own advantages when we work, so that it can be meaningful afterward. In this way, leaders will see your advantages and reuse you more. The same is true when buying things. We only choose him when we see the advantages of this product, otherwise, we will definitely choose other products. Then we will take a look at the advantages of PVC key ring. What are they?

1.Environmental protection and non-toxic: PVC keychains are made of environmentally-friendly materials and can pass SGS certification. Have a high share.

2. Strong three-dimensional effect: The appearance of the PVC soft rubber keychain can be flat or 3D, and the keychain is made of relief technology. The three-dimensional effect is very strong and very expressive!

3, a wide range of applications: there is no restriction on the use of the keychain, such as the corresponding product information on the keychain or promotional terms, as a gift for advertising promotions, the effect will be very good.

4. Diverse appearance: There are no restrictions on the shape of the keychain, usually very petite and exquisite. The conventional ones are round or square. As long as you express your fantasy, you can make a keychain that is unique to you.

5, strong expandability: PVC keychain, plus LED lights can be made into a keychain with lights, plus spices can be made into a scented keychain, plus a thermometer can be made into a functional keychain.

6, suitable for custom: PVC soft plastic keychain, with the bottom of the mold cost, low unit price, strong product ideas, especially suitable for custom.

Pvc Key Ring

Pvc Key Ring

Is PVC soft rubber poisonous? Of course, it is the most important thing for customers. Zhongshan Yaxi Metal Gifts Co., Ltd. is a professional silicone gift manufacturer. The business includes PVC keychains, custom logo key holder suppliers to tell you that PVC soft keychains are toxic?

1. Check whether the purchased product has passed the SGS safety certification.

2. Refuse to buy inferior PVC soft rubber keychain products.

Don't be fooled by the low price, because of the cheap price, of course, the materials used cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, you must look at the manufacturer's qualifications, scale, and environment before purchasing. From the above, we can know that as long as it is a PVC soft rubber product produced by a regular manufacturer, the quality is guaranteed. If you are looking for a custom manufacturer of PVC soft plastic keychains, you can actually refer to the following YC, our products are better in many aspects, and you can be worthy of quality workmanship.

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