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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Making Medals?

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Ten requirements for successful medal making:

One, the design of high-end MEDALS have the primary factor, is the design style and style of the medal, the style to be special, and to take off and not common, that is, on the market rare type.

Two, the material of medal production high-grade medal production materials, from the current demand for metal production, it is clear that the bronze medal, stainless steel medal has not been able to meet the high-end needs of customers, what to choose the metal material, determines whether the medal is high-grade.

Three, In the nameplate manufacturing industry, the production process and process used to produce the medal will make the medal show its original value orientation in the high-end and unique features.

Four, It has always been the value rule of any industry and commodity that you get what you pay for when you make a sports medal. It is difficult to get high-end products at very low prices.

Five, the font standard of many MEDALS, claiming to be a high-end medal, but the font in the medal will not be selected, the title of the medal set for what font, what font text set, but I do not know. All commonly used fonts are something to know.

Sport Medal

Sport Medal

Six, the content of the medal is a correct advanced unit medal and the civilized unit medal is often in the requirements of the high-grade metal, the easiest to ignore is the content of the medal. When making a high-end medal, it is very important to check and check the content of the medal.

Seven, the medal layout clean colorful medal layout, I believe who will not like. Here clean, not dirty means, if refers to disorder and disorder.

Eight: The production of high-end MEDALS, it is necessary to the design and style of the medal, the content, and politics, the need to award the award of the main and secondary decision. High-end MEDALS, you want to show in the production of high-end materials or to show in the production of MEDALS on the technology.

Nine: High-end MEDALS in daily production, there will be a lot of details to be carefully improved. In addition to the main big picture, attention to detail is also necessary. For example, what style of wooden support for MEDALS, what kind of medal backplane to form a complete set with it, also can't be ignored.

Ten, the packaging of the medal exquisite high-grade metal packaging, as we each dress and clothing, color collocation is exquisite is the beauty of nature, generous and decent, high-grade metal packaging, in its selection, pay attention to is matching. Use an ordinary paper box or choose a high-grade wooden box, are very elegant. How to pack it depends on the quality and authority of the winners.

According to custom logo medal supplier, each mold seal has its own characteristics in the manufacturing process. For example, promotional badges are used to highlight the characteristics of the corporate culture, while sports badges and MEDALS are used to commemorate this special moment and are a symbol of honor.


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