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What You Need To Know About Challenge Coins

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What You Need To Know About Challenge Coins

The target value of the challenge coin is low, but it has a high emotional value. It is a perfect gift for hardworking employees or professional colleagues.

Before you start, there are a few things to know about these coins. Below are answers to some of the most common questions. We will also list various resources so that you can gain a deeper understanding of this time-honored practice.

What is a challenge coin?

The challenge coin is a colorful and unique coin awarded to service personnel by superior officials or supervisors to thank them for their outstanding work. There are various traditions, and no one knows exactly when or how they started to be used, but the general consensus is that this practice started with the Navy and it is still very powerful. The idea of challenging coins has spread to all military departments and similar civilian positions (for example, law enforcement), and even corporate offices, where there will be more refined coins to express gratitude.

They are usually large one-dollar coins or medals, but they can be larger and made of any design, color, or geometric shape. Most coins have their own personalized add-ons that make them unique, and also include the organization's logo or motto. Its purpose is to commemorate a specific goal or achievement, while at the same time increasing morale and showing respect for those who received the coin.

When to challenge coins

Most challenge coins are used to commemorate a specific event or someone's career victory. Those awarding these medals are usually supervisors or higher-level officials, and they are awarded either at the award ceremony or at a private meeting. When and how to give this coin will depend on its purpose and the giver.

Coins issued during the event are usually used to indicate the achievements of large companies or departments, while the coins issued in private meetings may be used to indicate smaller achievements, but the significance is not small, such as working hard, or in specific The situation is outstanding.

How to customize the challenge coin

Because they are all personalized, challenge coins can take many different forms. If you want to design and give gifts, you are a coin, but you are a novice and you will want to start drafting an idea.

How much are they worth?

If you sell the challenge coin to someone who does not know or is not interested in it, its value will be less than a few dollars. The value of these coins lies in their meaning and history, not in raw materials.

Whenever someone sees their challenge coin, they will remember the success of obtaining it. The satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are doing well and being recognized by others is irreplaceable.

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