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What are the Silicone Keychains?

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Small jewelry silicone keychains are popular because small objects are small in size and exquisite in design, so they are very popular. So couple keychains are even more popular among people. So what are the skills in customizing keychains for couples? What about silicone keychains? Here is the silicone keychain supplier.

Couples hope that two people can last a long time, so the quality of custom couple keychains must be good, they can be worn for a long time, they are not easy to deform, discolor, and they can express the meaning of love.

1. Soft plastic couple keychain

Soft plastic key ring, also known as PVC key ring. This material is a kind of technology material, does not contain any toxic ingredients, and is the best soft plastic material recognized by European and American countries. So couples do not have to worry about the quality of the product when choosing, so it is necessary to pay attention to choose the Prince and Princess series. Couples can turn themselves into favorite cartoon images. Do n’t match the right one when customizing, and more Pay attention to whether the color of the product is uniform and the image is vivid. The most important thing is that the keychain must have a three-dimensional effect, because the keychain with 3D or 2D technology looks more realistic.

In addition, some couple keychains will add some phosphors to the product in order to attract more people. Although it can play a more luminous effect at night, be sure to choose when you choose If the phosphor gets on your hands, it may cause phosphor poisoning. In addition, there is a couple keychain that has a certain fragrance, and couples must choose not to have a strong fragrance when buying, so as not to hurt the nose. It is important to note that for couples who are allergic to flowers, do not choose a couple keychain with fragrance. Therefore, this keychain is mainly suitable for couples who are just starting to fall in love or have been in love for a while.

Zinc Alloy Key Holder

Zinc Alloy Key Holder

2. Letter type couple keychain

This keychain can be said to be very suitable for creative young people, because young people like to engraved their birthdays or lucky numbers on the keychain to give each other, so this keychain is most popular Sought after. Then when choosing this couple keychain, you must pay attention to whether the letters or numbers are firmly pasted, and then check whether the keychain has scratches or discolored parts. If not, it is a qualified couple key Buckle product.

3.Metal couple keychain

This product is an exquisite car couple keychain. Its material is metal, and its color is very good. Pink represents a lovely woman, while blue represents a stable man. Then when choosing a metal keychain, you must pay attention to whether the metal material is susceptible to rust. Since the keychain may be transported to the jewelry store over a long distance, check whether each part of the keychain is intact and whether With scratches. So just check the metal keychain carefully.

The zinc alloy key holder is generally very exquisite in design. Many couples have keychains and some small organs, so when choosing, couples must know the small organs of couples keychains before buying. So as not to know the mechanism of the key chain and accidentally hurt yourself. Therefore, couples who choose car keychains or metal keychains should be the first choice for stable and mature couples.


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