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What do You Notice about Successful Medal Making?

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Ten requirements for successful medal production:

First, the style of metal design The most important factor for high-end medals is the style and style of medal design. The shape must be special and must be good, which is a rare type on the market.

Second, the material of medal production From the current demand for the production of medals, it is obvious that bronze medals and stainless steel medals can no longer meet the high-end needs of customers.

Custom Round Medallion

Custom Round Medallion

Third, the production process of medals In the nameplate production industry, what kind of production process and production process are used to make medals will make this medal show its original medal value orientation in high-grade and unique.

Fourth, the custom round Medallion production price is a penny and a penny has always been the value law of any industry and any commodity. For very low prices it is now difficult to get high-end products.

Fifth, the medal font standard Many medals, claiming to be high-end medals, but the fonts in the medals will not be selected, which font set the title of the medal, which font is set in the body. All commonly used fonts are something to know.

Sixth, the content of the medal is correct. Advanced unit medals and civilized unit medals are often the most overlooked when comparing the medal content. When making a high-end medal, it is important to compare and check the content of the medal.

Seventh, the layout of the medals is clean and colorful. I believe no one will like it. Clean here does not mean dirty if it means disorder and disorder.

8. The major and subordinates of the medal are clearly distinguished. For the production of high-end medals, it is necessary to determine the major and subordinates of the medal's style and style, content and politics, and the awarding requirements for awards. For high-grade medals, do you want to show them in the high-end of the materials used to make them, or in the process of making them?

Nine, complete the details of the medal In the daily production of high-end medals, there will be many details to be carefully improved. In addition to the main large aspects, attention to local details is also necessary. For example, what kind of medal wooden support is used, and what kind of medal backboard is used to match it, can not be taken lightly.

X. Medal packaging Exquisite packaging of high-grade medals, like each of our dress and clothing, the color matching is particular about natural beauty, generous and decent, and the packaging of high-end medals is focused on matching. It is very elegant to use ordinary paper boxes or choose high-grade wooden brocade boxes. How to pack depends entirely on the high-grade and authoritative nature of the recipient of the medal.

Design Medal supplier believes that each mold has its own characteristics in the production process. For example, the promotional badge is to highlight the characteristics of its corporate culture, and the sports badge medal is to commemorate a this-a special moment. It is a symbol of honor.

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