What is a metal Key chain?

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As one of the most common daily necessities in daily life, key chains can not only reflect the personal personality but also bring a happy mood to oneself. The metal key chain is one of the most common key chains with the best texture and suitable for collection. This article will introduce metal key chains from three aspects: what are a metal key chain, the difference between a metal key chain and a PVC key chain, and the difference between a metal key chain and a custom key chain.

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Here is the content list:

What is a metal key chain

The difference between metal key chain and PVC key chain

The difference between a metal key chain and a custom key chain

What is a metal key chain?

As the name suggests, metal key chainsare key chains made of metal materials.

According to different production materials and methods, key chains can be divided into metal key chains, PVC key chains, and custom key chains. Among them, metal key chains are the most common key chains, which are beautiful, durable, three-dimensional, bright in color, and small and exquisite.

The difference between metal key chain and PVC key chain

Metal key chains are key chains made of metal materials such as copper, zinc alloy, etc., which have high production requirements and high production technology, and have a unique metal texture and collection value. Metal key chains have a longer history than PVC key chains. The development of metal badges and metal decorations provides a stable foundation and direction for metal key chains.

PVC key chains are epoxy key chains or micro-key chains produced by the epoxy process. There are many shapes of PVC key chains, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models, and so on. PVC key chain also has the following advantages: strong three-dimensional effect, the surface of the soft PVC key chain can be flat or 3D three-dimensional, the key chain is made by embossing technology, the three-dimensional effect is very strong, extremely realistic; strong expandability, PVC key Buckles and LED lights can be made into lighted key chains, with spices can be made into scented key chains, and thermometers can be made into functional key chains; suitable for custom-made, PVC soft key chains, with mold cost bottom, The unit price is low, and the product is highly creative, which is especially suitable for custom-made.

The difference between a metal key chain and a custom key chain

Custom key chains are key chains made according to the needs of customers. Custom key chains have a strong personal style or special symbolic meaning. The custom key chain can be a metal key chain or a PVC key chain.

Metal key chains are a classification of custom key chains and are one of the materials of choice for custom key chains.The customized metal key chain is more exquisite and special, with a certain personal style and special meaning.

The key chain highlights personal characteristics, and the metal key chain embodies a special texture and unique meaning. Life with a key chain is full of fun and joy. We will adhere to the spirit of craftsmanship, be sincere, and make key chains with high-efficiency and high-quality guidelines. If you are interested in key chains, please consult our official website: Thank you very much for your support, and wish you a happy life!