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Common Problems With Badge Production

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The production process of custom pin badges is many and cumbersome. You must make no mistakes in each link to ensure a good product, but in the actual production process, you will always encounter a variety of It is fundamental to the survival of a company to learn the lessons and avoid making the same mistakes later.

A product will start to be pressed after the order is opened. Sometimes the mould will collapse during the pressing process, so a new mould must be engraved. This problem is unexpected, but it will delay product delivery. period.

After pressing, it will be sent to the polishing workshop for polishing. Because the product has just been punched out, there are a lot of burrs in the corners. The product becomes smooth and bright through polishing. Some common problems in this link are some products with thin lines during the polishing process. If the product is too heavy, the product will be baffled, that is, the so-called lines are gone, so that the product becomes ugly and needs to be repressed when it is serious. To avoid this problem, we need to leave the lines a little deeper when drawing. In addition, during the polishing process, you need to pay attention not to throw too much weight.

Custom Pin Badge

Custom Pin Badge

Lapel pin usually need to be thorned on the back, but some are one, some are two other needles with different lengths, so the problem comes, we must pay attention to the number of needles when ordering Be sure to write down whether there are two left and right needles or two needles.

Many times, there are two needles on the order, and the result is that there is only one. The workers of the welding needle do not know English, and they do not know if they do not write clearly. After that, it is necessary to clean the plating. The product is gold-plated and nickel-plated. Sometimes when the plating comes back, there are a lot of air bubbles on the product. This will have to be reworked. It is important to start colouring after electroplating. This is a very important part. Some products have more lines and the colour will be difficult to apply. Because it is hand-painted, some products may have very thin fluff. This kind of product cannot be given to the guests, and there are cases where the colour is wrong and missing. So everyone must be careful to avoid such problems.

After coloring, some products will need Gabriel (Poly is a transparent resin to protect the colour of the paint and increase the gloss of the product). Gabrielle may not be thick enough for some products. -Layer. After adding Polly, bake it in the oven. Temperature and time should be controlled or Polly will turn yellow. In this way, the product can be packed in the packaging room. When packaging, pay attention to the packaging requirements. Some are blank bags. Some customers will choose 0PP self-adhesive bags. Some customers also need special bags. Written on the order, otherwise, it would be a bad impression to come to the customer after an error. This is a common problem in production.

A good metal badge must not only be considered from the perspective of design and production but also every detail in the entire process realization process must be paid great attention to.

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