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The design meaning and design process of souvenir coins
The design meaning and design process of souvenir coinsWe all know that the design of souvenir coins has its symbolic meaning and contains different cultures. So how is the design meaning of souvenir coins conceived? What is the design process of souvenir coins? l Design concept of souvenir coinl S
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How to replace the PVC patches?
How to replace the PVC patchesPVC patches seams or want to change PVC patches is a common thing in our lives, probably because of a loose thread or too much tear. So what if a PVC patch opens? Of course, with the needle and thread sewing it, this article to share how to replace the PVC patches, the
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How to make a metal key chain?
How to make a metal key chainThe metal key chain is one of the commonly used key chains. It has the characteristics of high gloss, high bright color, high texture, and high collection value. But how is the metal key chain made? This article will introduce how to make metal key chains from three aspe
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How to identify a good custom challenge coin?
How to identify a good custom challenge coin?In the collection market, counterfeit custom challenge coins are becoming more and more popular, especially the rare custom challenge coin imitated by advanced technology, which makes it difficult to distinguish between authentic and fake ones. Fake custo
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Crafting method of souvenir coin
Crafting method of souvenir coinThe function of souvenir coins is to commemorate a certain major festival or politics, history, culture, outstanding people, historical sites, rare animals and plants, etc., the circulation of legal tender, and the collection is only a side function. What are our comm
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